Match Report: Highland (Home)

If, in March, someone had suggested we would have been able to play four friendlies in the course of late summer it would have been difficult to believe. And while things look set to be difficult for a while yet, the chance to get out on the field has been greatly appreciated. For our final game we were able to face Highland at home, a stiff test but a game we were all looking forward to as a way to really challenge ourselves. In the end it turned out to be a great match, competitive but played in great spirit and I hope I speak for everyone when I say it left me feeling there were lots of positives to reflect upon in the build up to next season.

As is customary this year, we lost the toss and so went out to field to try and keep Highland to a low score and give us an attainable target to chase. As has been the story this season our bowling attack wasn’t devastating but rather steady and consistent. Ross and Anjum opened the attack with Ronan and Nelash taking over at the first change. All bowled well and didn’t allow the run rate to climb too high. Ronan, notably, bowled extremely well. As he is left handed and tends to bowl over the wicket he bowls across right handed batsman. He is tall with some pace which means, on our track, his balls can skip off the surface. With these factors combined, Ronan a tricky bowler to face and so it was against Highland.

Overall we bowled and fielded well. We managed to reduce the extras we gave away and while they are still far too high, we are still improving. Coupled with some half chances going out way we could be proud that we kept them to a respectable score.

Our innings played out in much the same way as our other matches. Ross and Anjum kicked things off and made a good start but, once again our middle order, myself included, failed to add much to the score. It has been an issue in each game and, given we aren’t losing by much, it will make all the difference next season if we can put up a little more resistance.

It did mean there was a tense finish with our captain Jim and Ronan making a spirited attempt to push us home but, unfortunately, we ran out of overs.

While a loss is disappointing, the game was a great way to finish the season. Our ground looked fantastic, with the new boundary rope and the improvements to the pitch already showing their worth. Great September weather coupled with fantastic opponents meant we could finish the season satisfied with the improvements we have made and confident of further progress next year.

As a note, apologies for the delay on this report as life got in the way and prevented me writing it. However, keep watching this space. Over the winter I am hoping to keep adding to the website.

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