Ground Improvements

Since the resumption of cricket at the Highland Club the ground has been undergoing continual improvements. It all started with the installation of an artificial wicket and progressed steadily from there. Despite the interruption to the usual season due to the coronavirus pandemic, the pace of change hasn’t stopped and Mark and his team have been working hard to improve every aspect of the club.

Our new boundary rope being carefully coiled ready for action on Sunday.

This weekend we played the return fixture against Northern Counties, a great game played in glorious September sunshine (match report coming soon). It marked the first use of our brand new boundary rope, a very welcome addition that really adds to the quality of our match day setup. Coupled with two new site screens, under construction, but well on their way and brand new changing facilities (which we still haven’t had the chance to use but that day will come), it means we can take to the field with pride at the facilities we are offering.

Our lovely boundary rope in situ… oh and there is some cricket happening in the background too!

Of course none of this would be possible without the sponsorship of the Santon Group and patronage of Bim and Pardeep who have continued to encourage and promote cricket at the Highland Club. On behalf of the club we are extremely grateful for their support.

Finally, last week saw the first stage in removing the issues we have been having with one section of the pitch. On the south-west corner of the field we have struggled with drainage and often, especially this year it seems, standing water has remained for weeks after rainfall. It has left the ground boggy and soft underfoot and caused frustrating cancelations.

New drainage being installed.

New drainage has now been installed and once the area is dry a reinforcement mesh will be added to help protect and firm up the ground. All this has taken a lot of time so, once again, a huge thank you goes out to everyone involved, as it will only add to the quality of cricket and therefore something we will all benefit from.

The new drainage extends a fair way onto the pitch, but it is clear to see just how damp the ground was from this picture.

It looks like this Saturday (26th September) will be our last game of the season, especially given world events so here’s hoping for good weather and a great game to see us through the dreary winter months.

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