Match Report: Ross County (Match Postponed)

At this point I would have hoped to be writing a match report, however, the weather was against us once again and the match against Ross County had to be postponed. While the Sunday was relatively dry, heavy rain on the proceeding days had left the ground waterlogged and unplayable. Luckily Ross County were able to hastily organise a match against Highland so the day wasn’t a total loss. Many thanks to highland for stepping into the breach!

A lack of play time does provide the opportunity to talk about our ground and the amazing work Mark Dallas and his team are doing. Over winter a new changing facility was built which should have debuted this season, new sight screens are currently under construction and a boundary rope is on its way. We as a club are very lucky to have the support of the highland club and our sponsors which has provided these continued improvements to our facilities. The hard work that has gone into the maintenance of the ground is a huge boon to our club and is enormously appreciated by all the members.

Situated as we are in the great glen will always mean weather will disrupt our season at some point, but when we do play that first competitive home game, it will be held on the finest pitch in the highlands.

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