The Return of Cricket

Events around the world saw things change significantly and rapidly. The cancellation of sporting events and the halting of grass roots sports competitions was inevitable. This led to the cancellation of the 2020 NOSCA season in which Fort Augustus was going to make it’s competitive debut in the reserve league. Unfortunately that couldn’t happen. However, with the reduction in Covid-19 cases in Scotland and the gentle easing of social distancing measures a modest return for cricket is now allowed leaving space for one or two friendlies through the next few months.

Obviously everyone at FACC is delighted to get back to some form of competitive cricket as sport is very much an essential part of some people’s lives and has been shown to have positive mental and physical health benefits. Yet, despite this the need for continued suppression of new Covid-19 cases is very important. To this end Cricket Scotland has produced an extensive range of stringent safety measures to be followed during practices and games. This is something FACC takes very seriously and all members will need to be aware, and stick to, these measures during any club activity as this will be essential for cricket to thrive during these difficult times, and for the continued safety of the members, their families and the wider community.

But back to the exciting news; the resumption of competitive cricket. We have already played our first game against Northern Counties in Inverness. While some of the new rules take some getting used to, the chance to swing a bat made it all worth it. The game was played with fantastic spirit and made for a worthy return to cricket. It also paved the way to further games. Our current schedule sees us playing against Oban, Ross County and Nairn in the coming weeks. With some great games ahead there is lots of cricket to look forward to!

All the very best, and we hope you are all safe and well!

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